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DCCA on Drug Paraphernalia, Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt

I haven’t written a DCCA criminal case summary in a long time, partly because PDS came along and started writing them all up (and doing it better than I ever did). But I simply couldn’t resist writing about this one, as a lovely demonstration

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DCCA: D.C. gun law unconstitutional

Can it be a crime to simply ride in a car in which you know there is an illegal gun? In a 2-1 opinion by Judge Glickman today, the D.C. Court of Appeals says no. The law in question is

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DCCA: DNA analysts should present results in court

Earlier this summer, I wrote about the North Carolina Supreme Court‘s handling of the doctrinal mess made by the U.S. Supreme Court‘s fractured opinions in Williams v. Illinois.  Well, on September 12, the D.C. Court of Appeals announced its latest

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DC Court of Appeals: Multi-car collision merits multiple convictions

In a split opinion today, the DC Court of Appeals rules that a criminal defendant can be charged with multiple counts of destruction of property stemming from a multi-car collision. Judge King, writing for the court, held that DC’s destruction

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