Author: Nigel Barrella

Celebrating 5 years of service

On this day in 2012, this law firm was born. Here’s to my clients, who made it all possible. It’s been an honor to serve you, and may the next five years be as successful as the last. -NB  

Non-residents doing business in DC

If you own a non-resident (or “foreign”) company and want to do business in DC, you probably have to register with the DC government. This applies to all corporations (including professional corporations), limited partnerships and LLPs, and LLCs. Unincorporated entities (like

Choosing a business structure in the District of Columbia

  A common question in the very early stages of any business is what business structure to choose. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different business structures have different advantages and disadvantages. The following is a short overview of

Dusting off this old site

It has been nearly five years since I started my firm (and this website), and the latter has not really kept up with the former. So, as a five-year firm-iversary gift (from me, to me) it’s time to update this site and

DCCA on Drug Paraphernalia, Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt

I haven’t written a DCCA criminal case summary in a long time, partly because PDS came along and started writing them all up (and doing it better than I ever did). But I simply couldn’t resist writing about this one, as a lovely demonstration

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