Food & Agriculture

Growing consumer interest in where food comes from has created an exciting climate of opportunity for small (or new) businesses to grow and thrive.

But this opportunity is not without challenges. Well-intended laws and regulations, designed to tame the excesses of big players in the market, can present a maze of obstacles for a small business to navigate. And the established players are not afraid to use these very same laws and regulations against any new threats to their market position.

Small businesses need to be aware of these challenges (and how to overcome them) and can especially benefit from trusted advice and analysis. That’s the role Nigel strives to fill. With his background and analytical knowledge of law, science, and food-related issues, he’s not afraid to get down into the weeds of law and regulations.

Whether you have a small business in food or agriculture, or related fields like supplements or cosmetics, don’t hesitate to give Nigel a call or send him a message for a free consultation about your business and how he can help you.