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Nigel is particularly proud to work with small business (and very small business) owners on addressing the various issues they face in the current economic and regulatory environment.

With experience both in the private sector and with consumer-oriented public interest groups, Nigel understands the various issues at stake, and cares deeply about the success of small businesses, which play a vital role in our economy. With a strong analytical background including math, science, as well as law, he is unafraid of getting into the weeds of arcane government regulations and making sure his clients stay on the right side of the law.

Nigel also understands the tight profit margins on which most small businesses operate, and is happy to work with his small business clients (and particularly startups) to make sure his services are affordable under their circumstances.

Nigel’s main industries of focus are food, agriculture, and dietary supplements, but Nigel has also worked on cosmetics and medical devices. More generally, his practice at the federal level is with clients falling under the umbrella(s) of FDA, USDA, and FTC. He also works on food and agriculture issues on the state level, but is limited to states where he is licensed to practice.

Recent Posts about Business

Non-residents doing business in DC

If you own a non-resident (or “foreign”) company and want to do business in DC, you probably have to register with the DC government. This applies to all corporations (including professional

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Nigel Barrella

Presentation on free speech and labeling

On October 30, 2015, Nigel Barrella presented at the Food and Drug Law Institute’s “Constitutional Challenges” Symposium. His article, Constitutional Limits on Compulsory Labeling, is to be published in the

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